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Current and Foreign Editions



A. Short Story Collections


1. The Comedy of the White Dog

a) Glasgow Print Studio Press, 1979
24p; £1.75 (signed), £0.75 (unsigned)

ISBN:0-906112-07-9 (signed); 0-906112-06-0 (unsigned)

CONTENTS: The Comedy of the White Dog; The Crank Who Made the Revolution

image unlikely  stories, mostly cover

2. Unlikely Stories, Mostly

a) Edinburgh: Canongate, 1983.
276p; ill; £7.50; hbk
                                                         ISBN: 0-86241-029-0

CONTENTS: The Star; The Spread of Ian Nicol; The Problem; The Cause of Some Recent Changes; The Comedy of the White Dog; The Crank That Made the Revolution; The Great Bear Cult; The Start of the Axeltree: Five Letter From an Eastern Empire; Logopandocy: Prometheus: the End of the Axletree; A Likely Story in a Nonmarital Setting; A Likely Story in a Domestic Setting.

b) Harmondsworth: Penguin Press, 1984.
276p; ill; £4.95; pbk
                                                          ISBN : 0-14-006925-9
First Paperback Edition

c) Edinburgh: Canongate, 1997.
294p; ill; pbk (Canongate Classics; no 81)
                                                           ISBN: 0-86241-737-6
Revised edition.

CONTENTS: As the first edition with two additional stories, 'A Unique Case' and 'Inches in a Column'. Four stories are retitled: 'Logopandocy' as 'Sir Thomas's Logopandocy', 'Prometheus' as 'M Pollard's Prometheus', 'A Likely Story in a Nonmarital Setting' as 'A Likely Story Outside a Domestic Setting' and 'A Likely Story in a Domestic Setting' as 'A Likely Story Within a Domestic Setting'. A lengthy postscript by the author and Douglas Gifford, has been added.

image cover of lean tales

3. Lean Tales
(With James Kelman and Agnes Owens)

a) London: Jonathan Cape, 1985.
292p; ill; £8.95; hbk
                                                           ISBN: 0-224-02262-8
First Edition

CONTENTS: James Kelman: Busted Scotch; The Same is Here Again; The Glenchecked Effort; The Witness; Are You Driving, Sir?; In a Betting Shop to the Rear of Shaftesbury Avenue; Where I Was; Extra Cup; Learning the Story; Getting There; the Paperbag; Old Holborn; O Jesus, Here Come the Dwarves; Manufactured In Paris; The Place!; A Nightboilerman's Notes; The City Slicker and the Barmaid; An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.
Agnes Owen: Arabella; Bus Queue; Getting Sent For; Commemoration Day; The Silver Cup; Fellow Travellers; McIntyre; We Don't Shoot Prisoners on a Sunday; A Change of Face.
Alasdair Gray: A Report to the Trustees; The Answer; The Story of a Recluse; Portrait of a Playwright; Portrait of a Painter; The Grumbler; I Own Nothing, I Owe Nothing; Decision; Authority; Translation; Humanity; Ending; Postscript

b) London: Abacus, 1987.
288p; Ill; £3.99; pbk
                                                           ISBN: 0-349-11542-7
First Paperback Edition

CONTENTS: As first Edition with three additional short tales in Gray's section: A Small Thistle; The Domino Game; Money.

c) London: Vintage, 1995
287p; ill; £5.99; pbk
Second paperback edition.

CONTENTS: As the Abacus edition.

image cover of ten tales tall and true

4. Ten Tales Tall & True: Social Realism, Sexual Comedy, Science Fiction and Satire

a) London: Bloomsbury, 1993.
176p; ill; £15.99; hbk
                                                           ISBN: 0-7475-1427-7

First Edition. Dedication: To the onelie begetters of these stories. Tom Maschler and Zandra Hardie and Morag McAlpine. Some copies were issued with an erratum slip (4" x 1.5") explaining the story 'Time Travel' should be dedicated to James Kelman.

CONTENTS: Getting Started- a Prologue; House & Small Labour Parties; Homeward Bound; Loss of the Golden Silence; You; Internal Memorandum; Are You a Lesbian?; The Marriage Feast; Fictional Exits; A New World; The Trendelenburg Position; Time Travel; Near the Driver; Mr Meikle - An Epilogue; Notes, Thanks and Critic Fuel.

"This book contains more tales than ten so the title is a tall tale too. I would spoil my book if I shortened it, spoil the title if I made it true."

b) New York: Hardcourt Brace, 1993.
171p; ill; $19.95; hbk
                                                           ISBN: 0-15-100090-5
First U.S edition

c) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1994.
176p; ill;£5.99; pbk
                                                           ISBN: 0-14-017579-2
First Paperback Edition

A reprint of the Bloomsbury edition. the illustration of Mr Meikle at the end of the last story is embellished with the portraits of eleven other people. The list of works by Gray drops The State We Are In which was never published, but adds Occasional Poems which has also not yet appeared, and A History Maker which has.

d) San Diego: Harcourt Brace, 1995.
171p; ill; $11.00; pbk
                                                           ISBN: 0-15-600196-9
First US paperback edition.

A reprint of the UK paperback edition. The blurb on the back cover has been edited for the American Market.


5. Five Letters From An Eastern Empire: Describing Etiquette, Government, Irrigation, Education, Clogs, Kites, Rumour, Poetry, Justice, Massage, Town-planning, Sex and Ventriloquism in an Obsolete Nation

a) London: Penguin Books, 1995.
58p; £0.60; pbk (Penguin 60s)
                                                           ISBN: 0-14-600044-7

Originally collected in: Unlikely Stories Mostly.

One of a series of sixty small books selling at 60p each to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Penguin Books in 1995. The title page verso incorrectly gives the copyright date as 1951. The text is not illustrated. the front cover features the wizened head of the emperor, printed in black and white on a red roundel.

image cover of Masis Belfrage

6. Mavis Belfrage: A Romantic Novel With Five Shorter Tales

a) London: Bloomsbury, 1996.

224p; ill; £13.99; hbk
                                                            ISBN: 0-7475-2506-4

First edition. Dedication: For Alexandra Gray when she is much older.

CONTENTS: Mavis Belfrage; A Night Off; Mr Goodchild; Money; Edison's Tractatus; The Shortest Tale

b) London: Bloomsbury, 1997.
224p; ill; £5.99; pbk
ISBN: 0-7475-3089-0

CONTENTS: As the hard cover edition. The original jacket image has been cropped to show just Mavis with the buildings of Glonda in the background. three reviews are quoted on the back cover.

B. Novels
image cover of Lanark



1. Lanark: a Life in Four Books

a) Edinburgh: Canongate Publishing, 1981.
572p; ill; £7.25; hbk                                ISBN: 0-903937-74-3

First edition. Dedication: For Andrew Gray

b) New York: Harper & Row, 1981.
560p; ill; $8.95; pbk                                ISBN: 0-06-090862-9

First US edition. Offset from the Canongate edition.

c) St Albans: Granada, 1982.
572p; ill; £2.95; pbk                               ISBN: 0-586-05549-5
First UK paperback edition.

d) Edinburgh: Canongate Publishing, 1985.
560p; ill; £15.00; hbk                              ISBN: 0-903937-74-3

The second hardcover edition, described as 'Definitive' comprising 1000 signed and numbered copies.

e) New York: George Braziller, 1985.
561p; ill; $20.00;hbk                               ISBN: 0-8076-1108-5
First US hardcover edition

As the Canongate hardcover edition but unsigned.

f) London, Picador, 1991.
572p; ill; £6.99; pbk                               ISBN: 0-330-31965-5
Second UK paperback edition.

g) San Diego: Harcourt Brace; 1996.
560p; ill; $16.00; pbk                              ISBN: 0-15-600361-9
Second US paperback edition.

h) Edinburgh: Canongate Books Ltd, 2001.
4 vols: 572p; ill; £35.00; hbk (Canongate Classics; no. 100)
                                                           ISBN: 1-84195-120-X
Third UK hardcover edition.

i) Edinburgh: Canongate Books Ltd, 2002.
592p; ill; £8.99; pbk (Canongate Classics no. 100)
                                                           ISBN: 1-84195-183-8
Third UK paperback edition.

image cover of 1982 Janine

2. 1982, Janine

a) London: Jonathan Cape, 1984.
347p; £8.95; hbk                                    ISBN: 0-224-02094-3
First edition. Dedication: For Bethsy. Rees (See Section N) notes that copies were later price-clipped and re-issued at £9.95.

b) New York: Viking, 1984.
345p; $16.95; hbk                                   ISBN:0-670-51387-3
First US hardcover edition.

As the UK hardcover edition

c) Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1985.
353p; £3.95; pbk                                    ISBN: 0-14-007110-5
First UK paperback edition.

image cover of the Fall of Kelvin Walker

3. The Fall of Kelvin Walker: a Fable of the Sixties

a) Edinburgh: Canongate Publishing, 1985.
144p; £7.95; hbk                                    ISBN: 0-86241-072-X
First edition. Dedication: For MORA, at long last, a book by her brother which will not make her blush.

b) New York: George Braziller, 1986.
144p; $14.95; hbk                                    ISBN: 0-8076-144-1
First US Edition

As the UK Hardcover Edition

 c) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1986.
 142p; £2.95; pbk                                    ISBN: 0-14-008424-X
 Revised Edition - 'This King Penguin incorporates the author's corrections o the text of the first edition of Kelvin Walker, published by Canongate of Edinburgh' - half-title
 d) New York: Grove Press (Evergreen), 1987
141p, $7.95; pbk                                    ISBN: 0-8021-3004-6
 First US paperback edition
image cover of McGrotty and Ludmilla
4. McGrotty 
and Ludmilla, or, The Harbringer Report

a) Glasgow: Dog and Bone, 1990
133p; ill; £5.00; pbk                               ISBN: 1-872536-00-X


First Edition. Dedication: To the only begetter of this ensuing romance. Angel, all happiness and that eternity our bigheaded author wishes the wellwishing publiser setting forth. Typeset by Donald Saunders, this was the first publication from the Dog and Bone Press.

Originally written in 1973 as a television play for a series based on nursery tales in a modern setting.

image cover of Something Leather

5. Something Leather

a) London: Jonathan Cape, 1990
254p; ill; £12.95; hbk .........................ISBN: 0-211-01627-G

First edition. Dedication:, for Flo Allan. Designed and
typeset by Dog Bone


b) New York: Random House, 1900.
256p; ill; £19.00; hbk .........................ISBN: 0-394-58963-7

First US hardback edition.


c) London: Picador, 1991.
256p; £5.99 pbk............... ................ISBN: 0-330-31944-2

'Revised edition'. First paperback edition.


Image cover of Poor things

6. Poor Things: Episodes from the Early Life of Archibald McCandless M.D. Scottish Public Health Officer
a) London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 1992.
xiv, 319p; ill; £14.99; hbk.....................ISBN: 0-7475-121,6-9


b) New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992.
xiv, 317p; ill; $21.95; hbk.....................ISBN: 0-15-173076-8

First US edition. Some copies were issued with an errata slip (3"x 4'; printed in red) listing eleven mistakes, all but one of which are different ,from those listed on the UK errata slip. The duplicated `mistake' is that of the illustration on p187.


c) Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1993.
xiv, 318p; ill; £5.99; pbk.......................ISBN: 0-14-017554-7

First paperback edition.


d) Sari Diego: Harcourt Brace (Harvest), 199 1.
xiv, 317p; ill; $10.95; pbk......................ISBN: 0-15-600068-7

First US paperback edition.


image cover of A History Maker

7. A History Maker

a) Edinburgh: Canongate Press, 1994.
xv, 224p; hbk....................................ISBN: 0-86241-495-4

First edition. Dedication: For Chris Boyce.


b) London: Penguin Books, 1995.
xv, 224p; ill; £5.99; hbk......................ISBN: 0-11-024803-X

First Paperback edition.
The text has been amended and corrected.

c) San Diego: Harcourt Brace, 1996.
xv, 224p; ill $25.00 (hbk), $14.00 (pbk)
..................................................ISBN: 0-15-100207-X (hbk)
..................................................0-15-600362-7 (pbk)
First US edition.


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