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Books Gray Designed
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This list does not include occasional illustrations in magazines, and 16 cover designs for the magazine Chapman. Where not stated otherwise, Gray has only designed the cover of the following books and pamphlets.

1. A Scent of Water / Carl MacDougall. Glasgow: The Molendinar Press, 1975. 112p; ill; £3.50 (hbk), £2.50 (pbk)
ISBN: 0-904002-12-8 (hbk); 0-904002-10-1 (pbk)
A collection of modern folk tales. Gray illustrated the stories and designed the jacket with motifs reminiscent of Greek epic tales (castles, rearing horses, armoured half-naked soldiers waving spears).

2. The Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary: Containing Every Gaelic Word and Meaning Given In All Previously Published Dictionaries, and A Great Number Never In Print Before, To Which Is Prefixed A Concise Gaelic Grammar / compiled by Edward Dwelly. 9th ed. Glasgow: Gairm Publications, 1977. xiv, 1034p; ill; hbk
ISBN: 0-901771-92-9

3. Imaginary Wounds / Aonghas MacNeacail. Glasgow: Print Studio Press, 1980. 28p £0.95 pbk
ISBN: 0-9061 12-16-8

4. Grafts; Takes / Edwin Morgan. Glasgow: Mariscat, 1983. 28p; £3 pbk
ISBN: 0-946588-00-7
Cover artwork. Gray also designed the publisher's feline logo.

5. A Bad Day for the Sung Dynasty / Frank Kuppner. Manchester: Carcanet, 1984. 114p £4.95
ISBN: 0-856355-14-3
The front cover textures Gray's interpretation of a Sung Mona Lisa.

6. Gentlemen of the West / Agnes Owens. Edinburgh: Polygon Books, 1984. 127p; £6.95; hbk
ISBN: 0-904919-79-X
Gray designed the jacket and later wrote a Postscript to the paperback edition.

7. The Glasgow Diary / Donald Saunders, mainly. Edinburgh: Polygon Books, 1984. 256p; ill; £8.95; hbk
ISBN: 0-904919-75-7
A day-by-day collection of 365 true incidents culled from Glasgow's history. Gray contributed marginal symbols used to indicate the subject or moral tone of the entry. His illustrations also included two versions of Glasgow's coat of arms, a portrait of Bill Skinner, and a drawing of 'Glasgow Green in the late Carboniferous Era, viewed from the site of Glasgow High Court of Justice, Stockwell Street'. Gray also wrote the entries for 2 April, 24 May, 19 September, and 14 October.

8. Sonnets from Scotland / Edwin Morgan. Glasgow: Mariscat, 1984.64p; £3.75
ISBN: 0-946.588-06-6

9. Shoestring Gourmet /Wilma Paterson. Edinburgh: Canongate, 1986. 156p; ill; pbk
ISBN: 0-86241-110-6
The book is designed and copiously illustrated by Gray in a lighthearted style. The recurring motifs include fish-heads, elves getting up to culinary mischief; and hares running off with the sausages. Instead of ending Goodbye (as Gray's books do), the text ends Fare Thee Well. A drawing of the author appears as a frontispiece.
The front cover depicts a couple tucking into a meal of fish; on the back cover the table, now deserted, has the remains of the meal alongside one shoe from each diner.

The witty illustrations suggest that sensuality is another ingredient
that cooking need not lack - Back cover

l0. Anti-Foundationalism and Practical Reasoning: Conversations Between Hermeneutics and Analysis / edited by Evan Simpson. Edmonton, Canada: Academic Printing, 1987. 254p; hbk
ISBN: 0-920980-26-0

11. Petronius - The Book / Andrew Lothian. London & Edinburgh: Butterworth & Law Society of Scotland, 1988. x, 95p; pbk
ISBN: 0-406-10396-8

12. Snakes and Ladders / edited by H. T. Robertson. London: Unwin Hyman, 1988. 160p £.95; pbk
ISBN: 0-04-448004-0

In 1990 Angela Mullane set up the publishing company Dog & Bone. Gray was responsible for the logo, typographical design and covers of the following Dog & Bone books.
13. Blooding Mister Naylor / Chris Royce. Glasgow: Dog and Bone,1990. 254p, £5.00; pbk
ISBN: 1-872536-04-2

14. The Canongate Strangler / Angus McAllister. Glasgow: Dog and Bone, 1990. 220p; £5.00; pbk
ISBN: 1-872536-10-7

15. Findrinny: Selected Poems / Donald Saunders. Glasgow: Dog and Bone, 1990. 64p; £4.50; pbk
ISBN: 1-872536-08-5

16 Lord Byron's Relish: Regency Recipes with Notes Culinary & Byronic / Wilma Paterson. Glasgow: Dog & Bone, 1990. 134p, i11; £7.50; pbk
ISBN: 1-872536-02-6
The book is dedicated to Gray who was responsible for tile typographic design but not the cover artwork.

17. A Sense of Something Strange: Investigations Into the Paranormal / Archie E. Roy. Glasgow: Dog and Bone, 1990. 300p; ill; £7.50; pbk
ISBN: 1-8725;36-06-9

18. Tramontana / Hugh McMillan. Glasgow: Dog and bone, 1990. 72p; £4.50; pb
ISBN: 1-872536-1 1-5

19. Up Wyster! / David Morrison. Wick: Pulteney Press, 1990. 38p; £4.50; pbk
ISBN: 0-947861-40-8

20. Fighting For Survival: The Steel Industry in Scotland / James Kelman. Glasgow: Clydeside Press, 1990. 16p; pbk
ISBN: 0-4)512057-5-7

21. The Child Within / Catherine Munroe. London: The Children's Society, 1993. 115p £4.95; pbk
ISBN: 0-907324-73-8

22. Scotland's Relations With England: A Survey to 1707 / William Ferguson. London: The Saltire Society, 1994. vii, ;319p; £12.99; pbk
ISBN: 0-85411-058-5

23. Move up, John / Fionn MacColla; edited and introduced by .John Herdman. Edinburgh: Canongate Press, 1994. 218p; ill; £8.99; pbk
ISBN: 0-86241-381-8
Dog and Bone are credited with the book design and Gray has contributed six austere line drawings used as chapter title pages.

24. A Working Mother / Agnes Owens. London: Bloomsbury, 1994. 187p; £9.99; hbk
ISBN: 0-7475-1714-2

25. People Like That / Agnes Owens. London: Bloomsbury, 1996. 276p; £13.99; hbk
ISBN: 0-7475-2.522-6
Gray's cover artwork portrays the characters from the stories.

26 The Songs of Scotland: a hundred of the best / edited by Wilma Paterson. Edinburgh: Mainstream, 1996 220p ill; £25 hbk ISBN: 1-85158-722-5
Designed and illustrated by Gray, the text is printed throughout in black and red. The cream endpapers are printed with a parade of kilted Highlanders in bare feet carrying giant thistles. The blue boards are blocked with a design using the cross of St Andrew, bagpipes, harps and fiddles with a central bird perched on a tree stump with the exhortation: 'Sing as if you live in the early days of a better nation'.
The colourful jacket portrays a lady singing to her friends accompanied by a fiddler. There are portraits of both the editor and the. illustrator on the back flap.

27. Studies in Scottish Literature: volume 30 / edited by G. Ross Roy. South Carolina: Department of English, University of South Carolina, 1998.
ISSN: 0039-3770
In addition to contributing an essay on Burns, Gray illustrated this special issue. Most Of' the illustrations had originally appeared in Songs of Scotland. A postcard from Gray to the editor, apologising for his incorrect Latin on the cover design, was printed inside the book.

28. The World of C.L.R. James: The Unfragmented Vision / James D. Young. Glasgow: Clydeside Press, 1999. 392p; pbk
ISBN: 1-873586-26-4

29. A Twentieth Century Life / Paul Henderson Scott. Glendaruel: Argyll Publishing, 2002.
ISBN: 1-902831-36-5

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