A Drouthy Glaiss
On leaving Culzean



Fareweel ma freens ah've gang awa
tho fond thochts'll aye remane
regrets, o I hae nane at aw
fuhr ah'll see yae aw agane –
...........o that, there is nae fear

fuhr yer amity's the best, ye ken,
an ma haun's aye redy whan ye ca
fuhr heeze or just fuhr freenship, then
whull sup whur cup, aye, bricht an braw –
............tae mak oor sma baund cheer.

Fareweel ma freens ah cannae stey,
but whull no be faur apert
juist fourtie mylls o rigs an braes
atween Cullean an the auld White Kert –
an aye –
...........a drouthy glaiss o beer.