Eternity's Children
thoughts on growing old—for my good friend, Janet Paisley



We make them with
our own warmth
and love

set them out—kindle them
with kindnesses and add
that spark

we are the bellows
that pump oxygen to their
very hearts.

We bask in the glow
we helped them make for us
—for this world.

When winter's sinking sun
has us baulk at approaching

and its coldness bites – those loves
warmths and kindnesses surround us
to thwart its chill

and thoughts turn to our own
inner flame Star bright

and knowing there burns
the intensity of our spirit
our very essence

the wonders it created
the lives it touched—
will touch.

Remember too the brilliance
of that fierce white heat—
our own passion's blaze

that fire we shared and will
leave behind in them—
and glad of it!

We are all eternity's children
once made cannot
be undone—

we live forever—
moving on.


© Joe Murray 2017