A rid soolin
at Hame Ferm Colean

I set doon ma back-stuil oan thi neuk o ma cot hoose,
sit an sirple ma feenal cup o tea o thi dey an watcht
thi hintmaist o the dug fowk mak thair wey taewart hame.

Thi lood an muisical lilt o a merie as tams, reid rabs,
an spinks coorie doon – buinmaist, an antrin ka frae
a gou, rosy in thi gloamin, heidit back tae ruist oan Arran.

A rid soolin huily seezles into Campbelltoon Loch –
glowes aboon cloods – a cuillie breeze cheeps
throu thi croudit brainches o trees.

Thi quateness is suitherin.
Thi saft fissie o tide oan thi hiddly shore ablow thi heuch
is saft oan thi lugs; my tea becams cauld, but Ah'll drink it a.

Throu thi gloamin, a flaff o siller becams a Sma Ermine moth
caucht in thi blush o licht frae ma windae –
couks intae thi daurkenin e'en.

In thi frith ahint me a reerie-rairie flists –
somethin threitenin is near aboots – woodies gie a forcie flack o weengs.
Ah remembert a sma cattie some days sine daunderin thi loanie.

Suddent an seelent twa baukies flink ayont ma heid, thir skeely
aeronautics sae lowe tae thi grund conflummixed me. Ma een ettie at
follaein, bit loast thaim agin thi daurk o thi frith.

Twa mair flink ayont ma heid an follaed thi same flicht paith
swoofin roond thi neuk,
I watcht thi baukies tae it wis too daurk tae see.

Thi feenal draps o ma tea are sirpled; thi air noo cauld.
Ah cairy ma back-stuil ben thi hoose; a hunnert yerds awa,
thi hoo o thi houlet.

In thi deep daurk o thi nicht, when Ah'm betimes waukent,
Ah hearkin tae her wan-note-sang, a soond that saftly suithes -
awthin's guid, awthin in its place – an Ah corrie doon; drift awa.


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