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In Conversation

In conversation is an arts project incorporating oral history. We Make contact through Senior Citizens Organisations, Church Groups, Bowling Clubs, Schools, Youth Clubs and bring them together in the following way so that people whose voice's are not normally heard get a chance to tell their Stories. For Instance we meet with a group of seniors and with their permission we record their stories.

The story is then transcribed and given to a group of young creative people.The young people then go through a collective process of transforming the the stories into a performance which they will perform to the storytellers. By involving both groups in this way it will hopefully lead to new relationships and understanding. Each group can then decide on further Events, or if they prefer, go on developing the Art Form they found themselves involved with.

The project with the young people has been put on hold, but we have decided to publish the conversations we had recorded. The two books covers are shown below.

Read this book for free ........... Read this book for free

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