1. Ruchazie Moon
  2. Wild Neighbours
  3. Nothing to be Concerned With
  4. Ruchazie Blue
  5. Sterrheid Senryu (sequence)
  6. City Senryu (sequence)
  7. I’ve One More Thing to Say to You
  8. A Short Love Poem
  9. Another Short Love Poem
  10. Jeanette
  11. Eve
  12. Tonight
  13. Cathy
  14. On a Skye Littoral (sequence)
  15. A Short Journey
  16. Lamb: Stillborn
  17. Snow (sequence)
  18. Colour Me Green
  19. Incommunicado
  20. For God & Country
  21. Wovoka’s Song
  22. Write Time

Ruchazie Moon
& some other poems

by Joe Murray

Published by
Neruda Press 1998


© Joe Murray 2014
The author asserts his moral rights

Some of these poems have appeared in the following publications:
Open World Issues 1-3
Out From Beneath the Boot (Anthology): Neruda Press
New Writing Scotland 15
Circles & Lines (Book & Performance): Open World Poetics
5 Alive – a multimedia performance: Open World Poets
Galdragon Press Limited Edition Card Poems
Mythic Horse Press Limited Edition Card Poems
Bulkhead Exhibition on First Buses in Strathclyde
Bulkhead Exhibition in Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
nomad issue 7 1999
Sanglines (internet magazine)

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