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Ruchazie Moon

Ruchazie Moon chases Mars
across a cloudless sky,
reflects irridescent from
empty-house windows,
outdoes the amber lights
to cast pale blue
on the street and the
black dog that howls;
sniffs air for bitches.

Ruchazie Moon catches the eye,
Drags the mind back to
Armstrong's one small step
and a television meter
that runs out before
the second.


Ruchazie Moon reminds
of tight-lipped kisses,
furtive fumbles
bastard buttons of
soft breasts,
rubber nipples,
butterflies and . . .

stealing tumshies from
allotments and totties
to bake on bonfires
outside Bean's dookit.

Ruchazie Moon shines on
like any other moon.

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