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  1. Ruchazie Moon
  2. Wild Neighbours
  3. Nothing to be Concerned With
  4. Ruchazie Blue
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  10. Jeanette
  11. Eve
  12. Tonight
  13. Cathy
  14. On a Skye Littoral (sequence)
  15. A Short Journey
  16. Lamb: Stillborn
  17. Snow (sequence)
  18. Colour Me Green
  19. Incommunicado
  20. For God & Country
  21. Wowoka’s Song
  22. Write Time

Nothing to be Concerned With


It is Ruchazie dark.
The streets echo with sounds
of the young;
there is malevolence here.
I can tell by the shouts
there are infiltrators
in the scheme, bent
on revenge for some past
breach of gangland etiquette.
Down the road
I hear a bottle smash,
a girl’s scream;
young males call out
like rutting stags.
a runner
pads quickly
my window . . .
I sip my tea;
.....................eat another biscuit.


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