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  20. For God & Country
  21. Wowoka’s Song
  22. Write Time

Wowoka's Song
Adapted from his words of protest against demands on his people from Washington

Our young men shall never work,
for those who work cannot dream,
and wisdom comes to us in dreams...

... you ask me to plough the ground:
Shall I take a knife and tear out my mother’s heart?
Then when I die she will not take me
To her bosom to rest.

You ask me to dig for stones:
Shall I rake under her skin for her bones?
Then when I die I cannot enter her body
To be born again.

You ask me to cut grass;
Make hay and be rich
Like the white man,
How dare I cut my mother’s hair?

We know the dead will come to life;
That their spirits will again come to their bodies.
It is so, and we wait
in the place of our fathers,
Ready to meet them –
in the bosom of our Mother!

Wowoka was an Amerindian shaman born to a non-agricultural tribe in Nevada.


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