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  1. Ruchazie Moon
  2. Wild Neighbours
  3. Nothing to be Concerned With
  4. Ruchazie Blue
  5. Sterrheid Senryu (sequence)
  6. City Senryu (sequence)
  7. I’ve One More Thing to Say to You
  8. A Short Love Poem
  9. Another Short Love Poem
  10. Jeanette
  11. Eve
  12. Tonight
  13. Cathy
  14. On a Skye Littoral (sequence)
  15. A Short Journey
  16. Lamb: Stillborn
  17. Snow (sequence)
  18. Colour Me Green
  19. Incommunicado
  20. For God & Country
  21. Wowoka’s Song
  22. Write Time


You are
here at the last
just a small box
displayed on a dais.

Done to death
in these days of
the modern medical miracle.

This babbling barrister of god
erodes my ears
with worn words of wisdom
that are his crutch.
This ceremony means nothing to me.

All I need
is to know
that you understood
my love for you.

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