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  1. Ruchazie Moon
  2. Wild Neighbours
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  14. On a Skye Littoral (sequence)
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  16. Lamb: Stillborn
  17. Snow (sequence)
  18. Colour Me Green
  19. Incommunicado
  20. For God & Country
  21. Wowoka’s Song
  22. Write Time

On A Skye Littoral

Across the Loch,
Sgurr Alasdair.
sharktooth – black;
with the arrogance of youth
he challenges the sky.

calm sea
falls –
earth breathing –
white flashes as
terns dive.

From a rocky shore I see
rough hands lift crails
as the boat dances to the beat
of the Sound’s pounding margin.
not for this beach the lilo,
the deckchair ...
just the frozen fingers
of a local shell fisherman.

past midnight –
there have been darker days –
we walk on a road,
Sound & trees,
edged with gorse
& rhododendron. the
air is alive with the smell
of wild garlic –
we talk of an open world –
a hawk flies north.

Above Applecross
I could touch Skye; Raasay.
to the south: Rum, Eigg even Coll.
further west Lewis, Uist.
they were there,
I could feel them.
I could feel them through the mist.

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