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  1. Ruchazie Moon
  2. Wild Neighbours
  3. Nothing to be Concerned With
  4. Ruchazie Blue
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  15. A Short Journey
  16. Lamb: Stillborn
  17. Snow (sequence)
  18. Colour Me Green
  19. Incommunicado
  20. For God & Country
  21. Wowoka’s Song
  22. Write Time


These falling flakes
fill my window, obliterate
the sun; cold wet down
of angels. They are transitory,
temporal –
things of the ether –
yet, they do so affect.

After a snowfall
This cloud staggered up,
fainted, collapsed ...
in front of the house;
left itself for me to ponder.

where it was,
now just patches of white
on grey weathered stone & ...
... funny, yeh?
how the grass looks
greener still,
like a promise
of something half forgotten,
half remembered ...
out on the hill,
a skier gets in one last run.


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