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Maggie and the Little Pollok Carpet


MAGGIE WAS 12 YEARS OLD, and it was her first time ever away from home. She had only come to Pollok House the previous day to work as a servant and this was her first night sleeping in the House. She could not remember ever being in a bed on her own before as she usually slept with her two younger sisters in a cramped little flat not far from Pollok House. She missed her wee sisters already and lay on the cold bed wishing for her mummy and her daddy.
She thought about her new job as a scullery maid in the House. She knew it was a good job because she would be fed and get paid, so she could give her mummy and daddy some money to help pay bills and feed her sisters. She had never worked before so she was a bit frightened of how hard the job might be ... she heard it was very hard work.
The two kitchen maids were sleeping in beds at the other side of the room. They both snored, keeping Maggie awake. Suddenly she felt a little dizzy and light headed so she got out of bed and sat at the small table against the wall. The room was cold as the two maids insisted in keeping the window open: "the fresh air is good for you," said one. "It stops me from snoring," said the other. Maggie wondered if she should tell her it doesn't work.

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