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Maggie and the Little Pollok Carpet


Maggie sat in the darkened room shivering. There was full moon in the sky and its light shone through the window painting a pale blue colour on the floor. In the middle of the floor was an old exotic little rug that looked as if it was from Persia or India. There were little patterns around the edge of it that looked like magical symbols: stars, triangles and crescent shapes. She remembered from when it was light that these were a golden colour.
As Maggie sat staring at the mat in the moonlight she noticed that the shapes began to sparkle and shimmer in the pale light. The room seemed to be getting a little brighter and Maggie looked out of the Window and the moon seemed to have become so huge in the sky she could see all the little craters on it. The stars also looked as if they had become much bigger too.
The gardens outside the House were bathed in the same blue light, and foxes, badgers and squirrels, cats, dogs and tortoises, all came and sat beside the big stone lions and they looked up at the sky, the Moon and the stars. Maggie noticed that it had become very quiet, even the maids had stopped snoring.

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