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Dr Joe Murray


Bibs the Cat

  1. we’re all family, really
  2. a little feline philosophy
  3. excuse my french
  4. on the cludgie
  5. the baby
  6. a lesson in socialism
  7. sleeping with the enemy
  8. on the level
  9. a little black and white philosophy
  10. the magpie ultimatum
  11. Indy Cat?
  12. Who’s the Daddy?
  13. It's no about flags

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4. on the cludgie

I was sitting on the cludgie, happily reading away when I heard a noise above me. Bibs, barred from our house was climbing in the toilet window.
“Oi,” I cried out.

Bibs froze with an I’ve been rumbled look on her face. Then quite brazenly: “Whit?”
I dropped my book, “what d’ye mean, whit? Get out! A bit of privacy here!” I shouted.
“Listen, Big Man, I get to shit in a box in the corner of the lobby where everyone in the house can see. Don’t talk to me about privacy.”
I stared at her angrily, “I don’t live in your house, I live in this one and it’s mine.” I took a deep breath and said, “you don’t seem to want to ever follow any conventional rules on personal space, do you?”
She shifted a bit on her precarious perch and giggled, “ well you know what they say: the wildest colts make the best horses.”
She turned to leap down from the window but looked back and said, “by the way, Big Man, I think you could do with a bit more fibre in yer diet.”

Then she was gone.